MSc Learning and Development in Organisations

1 year



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EU/EAA: € 2,530
Non-EU/EAA: € 16,000

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Maastricht – Tapijn Campus



Are you passionate about learning in the workplace? Do you see the benefits of personal development for both individuals and businesses? And would you like to know more about how knowledge creation can keep companies competitive? Then Learning and Development in Organisations might be the perfect programme for you. It combines elements from economics, business, human resource management and learning sciences. You’ll have the competencies you need to work in human resources, more specifically Human Resource Development. Upon graduation, you’ll have all the knowledge and skills for a career as Learning and Development professional.

Why this programme?

Management of Learning will challenge you on a theoretical and practical level. Drawing on a range of disciplines, this programme will give you an understanding of how knowledge and skills can be effectively used and developed on an individual, group and organisational level. You will consider learning from a self-development as well as a business point of view, by analysing labour markets and the wider economy, skills shortages and organisational change.

After you’ve completed the programme, you’ll be able to:

  • understand changing labour markets and their effects on organisations
  • analyse human resource development and management issues
  • think strategically and offer effective solutions to human resource problems
  • apply your theoretical and quantitative knowledge to real workplace issues
  • participate in discussions on a managerial level

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This master program enabled me to translate business strategy and objectives into concrete (learning) solutions that positively impact organisations and their people.

Hannah van Drunen, 2015, HR Manager