1 year

Starting Date

September or February

Tuition Fee

EU/EAA: € 2,530 per year
Non-EU/EAA: € 16,600 per year


Maastricht – Tapijn Campus


Are you interested in analysing and solving financial problems in investment and business? Are you compelled by the ways in which sustainability issues are changing our understanding of the concept of finance? Do you want to know more about the interdependence between finance and sustainability? Then the specialisation in Sustainable Finance could be right for you. As part of the master’s programme in International Business, the specialisation combines finance with the principles of sustainability: environment, society and governance.

Following the 2008 financial crisis and on-going criticism of banks and corporations, there is great demand for finance professionals who can implement sustainability principles in a company while maintaining profitability. Bridging the gap between traditional capitalism and a new context of shared economic and social value, sustainable finance is quickly becoming a core part of the mission of financial institutions and companies.

Your future

Now that sustainability has become indispensable to financial institutions, corporations and regulators, there is an urgent need for experts in both finance and sustainability. As part of the new generation of finance practitioners, your career potential will be excellent. You’ll be qualified to work in all the same companies as finance graduates, but with a competitive edge thanks to your advanced knowledge of sustainability issues and implementation. SBE has an excellent network of financial institutions and organisations and can give you a leg up into a sustainable finance job.

You will be qualified for many positions, including the following:

  • business consultant
  • financial analyst
  • financial manager
  • investment portfolio manager
  • risk manager
  • sustainability expert

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