1 year

Starting Date

September or February

Tuition Fee

EU/EAA: € 2,530 per year
Non-EU/EAA: € 16,600 per year


Maastricht – Tapijn Campus


Are you interested in gathering, interpreting and checking financial information that will help your company make better business decisions? Do you want to interpret financial data to determine how many products your company should make? Or figure out what information is relevant for your investors? Then the specialisation in Accounting and Business Information Technology could be right for you. The specialisation is part of the master’s programme in International Business. Accounting isn’t just number crunching and ledgers; it’s the backbone of any organisation, at the centre of some of the most important business decisions. And international accounting principles are just that – international. You can take your qualification across the globe. The Accounting and Information Management department at the School of Business and Economics is a research powerhouse, collaborating with the EU and many European auditing firms.

Your future

Interaction with companies is fundamental to this specialisation. You will have the opportunity to visit companies, meet future potential employers, join study associations, and attend guest lectures and workshops given by auditing firms such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and PricewaterhouseCoopers. At the post-graduate stage, links with the corporate world are stronger still. The post-graduate programmes listed below are a vital part of company management and executive development and executives of corporations sit on the programmes’ Supervisory Board.

After you graduate, you can enter the work force directly. But you will probably also want to be certified as an accountant, either in the Netherlands or internationally, at the School of Business and Economics or at another prestigious institution abroad. Below are some of the options for continuing your education and getting professional certifications in Maastricht.

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