MSc International Business – Marketing-Finance

1 year


September or February

Start Date

EU/EAA: € 2,530
Non-EU/EAA: € 16,000

Tuition Fee

Maastricht – Tapijn Campus



Are you curious to learn how to bridge the gap in methodology, thinking, and language and between “number-crunching” finance professionals and customer-centric marketers? Are you interested in understanding biases and heuristics in consumer and investor financial decision-making? Are you interested in understanding how both financial as well as marketing actions drive firm performance and how they relate to each other? Then the interdisciplinary specialisation in Marketing-Finance could be right for you. As part of the master’s programme in International Business, the specialisation combines core Finance, Marketing as well as specialised Marketing-Finance courses.

The specialisation in Marketing-Finance not only teaches you an understanding of finance, marketing, consumer psychology and their interrelations but also how to integrate them in an environment that aims at maximizing financial performance as well as customer value.

Your future

As a Marketing-Finance graduate, you will be in possession of a unique and valuable qualification. Most companies have marketing and finance departments that are still distinct from one another and have a hard time communicating and interacting with each other. Your deep understanding of both fields will open up career opportunities for you in marketing, financial services, consulting, and management, with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Your ability to understand financial and consumer theory and translate it into added value will make you an asset in both the private and public sectors.

Your degree will make you an ideal candidate to work in a variety of organisations, including:

  • multinationals (in a marketing, finance, or boundary spanning function)
  • banks
  • brokerage firms
  • insurance companies
  • financial services firms
  • management consulting firms
  • market research companies and institutes
  • European institutions

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My main motivation to choose the Marketing-Finance specialisation was my interest in both fields and the problem-based learning approach at Maastricht University. For instance, you will learn more about bridging the gap between marketeers focussed on consumers and the finances in companies. With real-life examples, interesting case workshops and the problem-based learning approach you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on this interesting interdisciplinary field.

Sophie Jacobs