1 year

Starting Date


Tuition Fee

EU/EAA: € 2,530 per year
Non-EU/EAA: € 16,600 per year


Maastricht – Tapijn Campus


Are you fascinated by how emerging markets, such as those of the BRIC countries, work? Do you want the extra challenge of conducting business across borders and in a multi-cultural environment? Do you look forward to operating in rapidly changing economies? If so, the master’s programme in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets could be right for you. In addition to acquiring knowledge of the specific opportunities and challenges related to emerging economies, you’ll develop the professional skills needed for an international career in economics, business or policymaking, with a strong emphasis on emerging markets.

Career Prospects

There is an increasing demand for professionals who are knowledgeable about emerging markets and who are able to foster relationships between stakeholders in developed and emerging economies. The programme’s dual focus on economics and business will give you a broad knowledge base. This, combined with the skills you develop, will make you well qualified to work in a wide range of professional environments and positions.

This master’s programme prepares you for career opportunities at organisations such as:

  • multinational companies
  • governmental agencies
  • policymaking institutes
  • research institutes

You’ll also be qualified to pursue many different positions within those organisations, including:

  • executive functions
  • consultant
  • analyst
  • policy maker

Your experience with formulating and analysing data-driven research questions will also be valuable if you choose to pursue a PhD.

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