1 year

Starting Date


Tuition Fee

EU/EAA: € 2,530 per year
Non-EU/EAA: € 16,600 per year


Maastricht – Tapijn Campus


Do you look at a mountain of data and see an ocean of opportunity? Can you look at innovation from both a technical and commercial point of view? And can you see yourself using data and new technologies to create smart service innovations? Then you should consider getting a master’s in Business Intelligence and Smart Services. You’ll study service design, business intelligence, and business analytics, directly applying the knowledge you gain to a real-life company project. When you graduate, you’ll have a wide variety of career options available to you. You could work, for instance, as a service designer, business intelligence consultant or big data architect. The types of organisations you could end up working in are equally varied, as companies, governments and research organisations are all looking for people like you.

*Preknowledge: familiarity with statistics and regression analysis; programming skills are not a prerequisite but may come in useful

Career Prospects

Big data is a rapidly growing field, and your career perspectives look equally promising. You’ll be able to find work at large companies, governmental agencies, policymaking institutes and research institutes.

You’ll also be able to pursue many different positions, including:

  • service designer
  • service engineer
  • smart service consultant
  • service manager
  • service delivery manager
  • business intelligence consultant
  • big data analyst
  • big data architect

Your experience with formulating and analysing data-driven research questions will also be valuable if you choose to pursue a PhD.

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